Here is a list of frequently asked questions.

1. What is Ohanami?

Ohanami is the first social photo gallery in the German asian-music-scene. With Ohanami we deliver you high-quality pictures you can view and share with your friends. Seen a photographer at a venue past weekend? Ohanami most likely has the pictues!

2. Why another website for photos?

With Ohanami we wanted to create something very new. There are plenty of websítes, where photographers can upload party pictures, but all of them keep a certain distance to the audience. With Ohanami we created a 100% social experience. You can comment on everything you see on our website and you don’t even need an account on our site. Your friends will get notified if you tag them, just like on facebook but without certain restrictions.

3. Why is it all in English?

With the start of Ohanami we are a newcomer to the scene. Although the founding members already have a long-time experience in the scene – the brand is new and not recognzed well by managements and organizers. We wanted to make sure, that interested persons all over the world are able to read, what we’re doing.

We are currently planning to introduce a German translation sometime soon.

4. I spotted myself/friends on a picture, can I tag?

Yes, definately! That’s the main reason, we created this platform. Just use the „Tag Photo“ button, at the buttom of the desired picture, allow Ohanami to access your logged in Facebook account and you’re ready to tag your friends (or yourself).

5. Can I download the picture?

Yes, underneath the picture, there is a download button.

6. Can I reupload the picture?

Sadly, no. As all our photographs stay with the rights of their respective owners, it is not possible to reupload the pictures to another place on the web.

6b. Can I alter the picture?

No. Altering the pictures is strictly prohibited (§23 UrhG).

7. Where are you located?

Ohanami Staff is located in NRW, Germany. If you are interested in supporting us, somewhere else in Germany, let us know. We will create you an account to upload images to

8. Can I upload my own pictures to Ohanami Galleries?

Absolutely. Look at this page for more informations.

9. Can I work for Ohanami?

Currently, we are not offering paid jobs. If this changes at sometime in the future, we will let you know.

10. I am working for a band management / I manage scene parties and I want to support you

Please contact us directly by E-Mail (SL[at]ohanami.de). We are always searching for cooperations!

11. It is me on a picture, I don’t want everybody to see. What can I do?

If the picture is supposed to only show you, send us an e-Mail with a link to the picture.
If you’re just in the background, we can pixelate you, if you wish but cannot remove the picture for obvious reasons.

12. I am scared that you track my Facebook data. What can I do?

We do not track any of your data, although it is not sure, which type of data gets saved at the Facebooks data center while using the API. Anyways, you can log out of your Facebook and still be able to view our pictures. You will not be able to comment or link on the pictures.