On Tuesday 07/15/2014 Galneryus gave their first concert on German ground. The european promoter chose the Werkstatt in Cologne Ehrenfeld as event site. The Werkstatt has in the past been frequently creating memories for miserable lighting conditions and warm, stuffy air. This time, it was surprisingly different. This summer evening the venue staff turned the ventilation on early enough, which led to a good air circulation. Also, the lighting technician, was finally able to set proper light to scene on the stage.

Galneryus-42Because of our interview we had already arrived early. With the exception of one first fan yet no one was present. A short time later, however, we met the next few fans from France. While the hall at the official doors-open at 07.30pm was still relatively unvisited, a few more music fans happened to find their way to the Werkstatt right before the concert. They filled the venue to about a third.

Shortly before the concert a tour companion of the band entered the stage to test and tune the instruments if necessary. Already now, it was clear that the evening is not for the squeamish people. The amplifiers were adjusted so loud that ear protection had to be mandatory equipment. Especially Syus guitar came out primarily and that’s not entirely without reason. But more on that later. Unfortunately, however, this also meant, that the other instruments – apart from the drums – were pushed into the background. So you could only catch some sounds from the bass in Syus breaks. Although Yuhkis Keyboard harmonized well with the lead guitar, the sound was tuned so similar that it was hard to decide, who was currently playing a solo.

Already in the interview, we found that Galneryus has remained a very likable band even despite their ​​immense success. They were visibly delighted when they entered the stage and celebrated themselves before the first riff sounded through the venue. After the heroic sounding intro from the tape, they opened the concert with the song „The Judgement Day“ and the crowd has already celebrated.


After the second song „Lonely As A Stranger“, the band chatted with the fans and asked in simple Japanese if they were excited. The Concert society replied with frenetic jubilation. Of course Galneryus also played the song they designated as their signature song in our interview: „Angel Of Salvation“ provided as last song in the setlist, made almost every present concert-goers got carried and raise their hands. As with the earlier songs, the band finished the track with a rich finish, in which one had the feeling that they wanted to crush their entire possible skills in a very short time. What has been partially played here as an improviser would be considered a solo in other bands.

Galneryus-60After a short break, the boys got called out back on stage for an encore. Firstly guitarist Syu entered the stage and put on a crazy solo on his custom ESP Crying Star. From classic playstyle via Tapping to a rapid sweep picking no wish remained unfulfilled. Syu is an outstanding guitarist, and only few in this generation can reach his skills. With flying fingers on the fretboard he let his guitar sing. In technical brilliance, he clearly enjoyed the sounds he brought forth from his instrument, together with his fans. Towards the end of the solo the rest of the band also returned to the stage and joined in. In the encore Galneryus then played a new song – „Endless Story“ – and ended the concert with „Struggle For The Freedom Flag“. During their outro they left the stage grinning.


  1. Opening
  2. The Judgement Day
  3. Lonely As A Stranger
  4. – MC –
  5. Future Never Dies
  6. Kizuna
  7. – MC –
  8. Shiver
  9. A Far-Off Distance
  10. Alone
  11. – MC –
  12. Hunting For Your Dream
  13. Burn My Heart
  14. Angel Of Salvation


  1. Syu Guitar Solo
  2. Endless Story
  3. Struggle For The Freedom Flag


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