Thanks to B7Klan, we have been able to get in touch with the famous Nagoya Kei Band Eat You Alive prior to their live shows in Germany, end of this month.

Ohanami has asked Eat You Alive a few questions, that all got answered by the bands individual members. Here are some facts, that you might not already know:

Ohanami: Hello Guys! Finally you play some Live’s in Europe. Fans here have been waiting for you a long time. What is the greatest difference between Japanese and European fans you can think of?

Hiro: I heard that the European fans are very enthusiastistic. So I’m looking forward to see that.
Ryohei: I’m really looking forward to see their enthusiasm!
Syoya: maybe many of Japanese fans are shy. I heard that European fans are crazy, so I’m looking forward to see that!
Kenji: Breast size may be different!
Makoto: I think that the way of enjoying the live could be different.

Ohanami: Bands are always excited to play concerts in Germany. Do you like Germany? Do you have some special feelings regarding this country?

Hiro: I’m so excited. I’m looking forward to taste the German beer there !
Ryohei: I’m excited to be able to have a show overseas. Germany is one of the country I wanted to go so I’m looking forward to be there.
Shoya: I can’t wait. Of course for the live but also for German beer and sausage !
Kenji: Yes sure ! I’m looking forward ! shame, I don’t drink beer but maybe I’ll take it as a stage drink because it seems so tasty !
Makoto: Yes I can’t wait because to play overseas was our dream !

Ohanami: Now some questions regarding your music: Can you describe your genre of music in one sentence?

Hiro: I think it’s a special music that we made with trust and friendship.
Ryohei : it’s EAT YOU ALIVE
Shoya: impossible to categorize our music.
Kenji: it’s an emotional loud rock
Makoto: it’s an emotional music

Ohanami: Eat You Alive is a band that moved a few steps away from Visual Kei and got more into Nagoya Kei. What exactly did wake your interest in this genre?

Hiro: it’s just happened to be so. We always did what we wanted.
Ryohei: I had never thought about the genre because we play what we want.
Shoya: mmmm, Maybe because we live in Nagoya ? For me our music is not the Nagoya-kei.
Kenji: I think that what we wanted to play is categorized as Nagoya-kei !
Makoto: it’s perhaps because we happened to live in Nagoya…..(lol)

Ohanami: Which of your songs do each of you like the most?

Hiro: “Clockwise” I think we can be together with audiences.
Ryohei “Clockwise”
Shoya: “Stops raining”
Kenji: I love all songs sung by Hiro !
Makoto: “Kaze to mau”

Ohanami: Can you think of a band that inspired you with your work?

Hiro: DIR EN GREY and Linkin Park
Kenji: LimpBizkit, Story of the Year, Guano Apes etc.
Makoto: LimpBizkit, Red Hot Chili Peppers,Story of the year, Lostprophets Rize..etc.

Ohanami: What is your favorite meal?

Hiro: Fried chicken !
Ryohei: Hamburgers
Shoya: Sushi, Yakiniku
Kenji: Redbull, Roll cake, all sweets
Makoto: beer, vegetable, beans

Ohanami: Sadly you will go seperate ways after this last tour. Can you talk about your plans for the future?

Hiro: Nothing decided for the moment but I have some things that I would like to do.
Ryohei: Honored Life
Shoya: Nothing decided yet.
Kenji: Nothing decided yet.
Makoto: I will work for supporting other bands ! I wanna touch to all kind of music !

Ohanami: Now it’s time to send some words out to German fans, before you come here next month and rock with us!

Hiro: I’m sure that the two lives in Germany will be the wonderful ones. I’m looking forward to see you all !
Ryohei: it’s our very first and the last live in Germany. Let’s enjoy them maximum !
Shoya: Let’s get these shows unforgettable !!
Kenji: I’m a great fan of Guano Apes and always played influenced by them. I can’t believe to being able to make shows in Germany ! Please wait for us, we will show you our best performance ever !
Makoto: I’m looking forward to see you all in Germany ! We will make our best shows then taste your delicious beer !

Ohanami: Thank you so much for your time. We wish you the very best for your future!

Please excuse that the interview is in english. We will have a translated version up for you as soon as possible.