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1. Now that your first single was finally released, how do you feel?
To make this single made me happy as I tried to challenge myself by changing the recipe for the songs. The foundation is made from the sound of an orchestra and the lyrics and voice recording was made last.

2. How would you describe the style of your music?
The imagination of V.I.P’s style is previous lifetimes as well as the afterlife.
For example, in I-ai- the sense of reality is strong because we make the songs out of hands-on experiences. In oppositional V.I.P is my own potential memories, so making the sound from there, both V.I.P and I-ai-‘s style suits me.

3. Were there any specific influences, like other bands?
From Japan, I like bands like X Japan, Luna Sea and L’arc-en-Ciel but my biggest influences is the artists Kyosuke Himuro and Michael Jackson.

4. You were a formerly member of i-ai. What were your reasons to
continue a solo-project?
I-ai- is active, I’m still the leader and singer, so nothing has changed there. ^^
The reason I began a solo career was because me and Yuki always have to work at the same speed with I-ai-. However, the solo project also began because I thought that in order to make I-ai- a bigger band I also have to become a bigger artist myself.

5. When did you start making music?
From when I was a junior high school student.

6. Are you looking forward to play your lives in Europe?
Because it’s first time alone I’m nervous, but also a pleasure. The feeling of a challenge is strong.

7. Because there are fans in Germany, too: will you give a concert here?
I always want to go to Germany, if there is a chance I always want to do lives!
I have many close friends in Germany! ^^

8. Are you currently working on an album?
I haven’t given it any thought yet.
I’ll think about it if I’ll make many songs.

9. What are your wishes for 2015?
I want both I-ai- and V.I.P to do many lives and to release CD’s. I also want to participate in various projects in order to spike the interest of more and more people.

10. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
Your support is always close at heart.
Thank you for always showing me a lot of love.
Also, the more you continue to love each other, the more I love everyone. ^^/

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