Ohanami: Hello Bawdies! Welcome to Europe!
You´re now etablished a couple of years in the music industries, are you happy to finally
have the chance to play in Europe?
ROY: We’re really happy about it! We want to let people that there is Rock ’n’ roll in Japan.
We really expect to see how the Europeans will react to our music.
Ohanami: After your last big hall shows, like the sold-out concert in Budokan, you are now back in
smaller locations – is there any difference for you in public atmosphere?
JIM: « No matter where it is we are going to make it a Rock ’n’ roll party! » is what we think… But depending on the stage the way we see the public is different so it can be difficult. Well, we do our best every time we get on stage!
Ohanami: You have performed with great artists like Ai and THE SONICS, is there any european band, you´d like to make music with too?
ROY: We would like to meet and play with artists whose music has a really strong sense of roots music such as Ben l’Oncle Soul, The Excitements, The Pepper Pots, The Right Ons, The New Mastersounds, The Soul Snatchers, Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers, or the Hives.
Ohanami: Listening to your songs makes one dancing and they remind strongly of The Beatles. What do you think of the comparison and do you agree with it?
TAXMAN: We are also very influenced by The Beatles so, it of course makes us very happy! However, it would be better to say that we are influenced by the same music as The Beatles, which means, blues, Rhythm and blues, Rock ’n’ roll, soul and funk.
Ohanami: Who do you get your lyric inspiration from? And who is usually responsible for writing?
ROY: Basically, I write most of the lyrics since I’m the main singer but the songs that are sung by Taxman are written by him. The lyrics and the straightforwardness of the songs from the 50’s and the 60’s had a real impact on us.
Ohanami: One of your big hits were „Rock me Baby“, which is also a theme song for a japanese tv drama named « Hungry-! », are you getting hungry, thinking of all new meals you can try in the european countries?
MARCY: In Japan, the European culture and food are already known so we might not be surprised. But we’re really looking forward traditional food!
Ohanami: Have you already learned some german words or phrases? Would you like to?
TAXMAN: We already remembered « Thank you »!
There’s a song which is sung every time at Oktoberfest in Germany that I really want to learn and be able to sing it!
Ohanami: Thank you for answering our questions! Good luck on stage and rock on!

Interview by Kazu

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